Beauty Budget Buy of the Week

Guys, I like Sephora. It’s an awesome store with an insane amount of incredible products. However, whenever I go in there I end up coming out with a wish list of products I’d like as gifts instead of a sack full of new cosmetics. If I buy anything it’s items that are marked down that I already know work. I can’t justify dropping $25 on a lip product that I don’t even know I’ll like the next day.

That’s why Nordstrom Rack is where it’s at for this week’s beauty budget buy. While shopping at the rack last night I discovered an entire display of NYX and Urban Decay products. Both of these companies are talked about all over the blogosphere as well as YouTube make up tutorials. When I found these two products for much cheaper than I could score them at Sephora, I actually let out a small gasp. Here’s what I scored:




This was the one I was truly jazzed about. This is the smaller size that normally sells for $12. Getting for half price almost brought tears to my eyes.