Having A Wardrobe You Can Be Proud Of: Tips From Already Pretty

Sally McGraw, Minneapolis blogger for Already Pretty, recently published a book of the same title embracing positive body image through learning to dress well. For McGraw, style is finding clothes that speak to you and embrace your personality as well as work with your body and not against it.

Chapter 2 of Already Pretty is all about defining your current style through a series of fun tasks that inevitably leads you to commune with your personal panache. Pulling from McGraw’s book, I’ve come up with an Already Pretty challenge for our Bougie ladies to start loving your body and getting dressed without spending a penny on new clothes (at least until you have the money to do so!):

“Pull out your top five least-worn items and spread them on your bed. Ahhh, now things are getting interesting. To be clear: I want you to pull items that you don’t wear but still fit, suit, and please you. The threadbare concert tee that’s stuck around for sentimental reasons doesn’t qualify. Choose pieces you don’t but could wear often, closet orphans just waiting for their moment” (Already Pretty).

We all have them. Those articles of clothing or accessory that we HAD to have because it reached out to some suppressed personality trait within us but once home and back to reality, that’s where they stayed. Why? If it turns out that it doesn’t fit you right or it’s uncomfortable or makes you feel like you’re walking around in a moo moo, McGraw (and I concur) suggests donating, or, if worthwhile, to throw it up on the old Ebay. What’s left should be items that are begged to be worn yet baffle you as to how.

“Now challenge yourself to assemble an outfit around each of these items and try on the assembled outfits to make sure they really work. More often than not, pieces fall into neglect when they don’t fit naturally into our usual outfit styles and formulas. Simply dragging them out and using them as starting points can clarify their place in the larger wardrobe” (Already Pretty).

That’s right! Put together a real life Polyvore set using your own neglected clothes and really make sure you love the way you feel in them. You just might be able to satiate your urge for shopping…well, for a little while longer, anyway!

You can purchase Sally McGraw’s book, Already Pretty on Amazon.com