The Importance Of Impromptu Dance Parties

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy (one of my many guilty, yet not so guilty pleasures) you know of Christina and Meredith’s tendency to grab a bottle of liquor and shake out their problems after a miserable day full of McDreamy drama at Seattle Grace. (Well, now Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.)

When I witnessed Christina and Meredith’s first dance party, I was super excited, as if my own ritual with my bff was just validated in some way. Impromptu dance parties have kind of been a thing since we were obnoxious, angsty teens.

One might ask, do you have to know how to dance? Obviously not. I’m pretty confident in saying I look like your old, slightly weird, mostly uncoordinated Uncle Gerald when I dance. “Talent” is forgotten when you enter the sacred dance party zone. Scouts honor.

Sometimes, you just need to dance – in your kitchen, in your workout shorts away from the bills, away from your professors, and away from your classmate who is not pulling her weight in your group project due next week. They deĀ­stress you, you get a good workout, and they will brighten your day every time, without fail.

Go. Right now. Find your nearest friend [or stranger, whatever] and bust a move.