A Walking Dead Inspired Outfit

With season four of The Walking Dead starting on October 13th, it’s time to gear up and make sure your closet is ready for the zombie apocalypse!

Cargo pants are the obvious pick with their utilitarian value. Multiple pockets for quick ammo storage or dry rations.

Bullet-studded belt because the more ammo the better, and you’ll need somewhere to hang your machete!

A tank to stay cool and a vest to look cool. You might as well show off those toned muscles after all the zombie fights you’ve won.WalkingDead

Leather biker boots to protect your feet on and off the chopper.

Wallet cuff really ties the look together with biker-chic utility and a great place to hide the only photo left of your family.

With a pocket knife around your neck, you’ll never be caught unarmed.

Keep water and other supplies in your satchel. You never know when you’ll be separated from the rest of the group.

A Few Thoughts On London Street Style

Paris, Milan, London. These three cities are synonymous with couture and fashion. On my recent trip to London, I made sure to pack a few swanky outfits as not to draw too much attention to my tourist-y self and sort of fit in with the local fashionistas.

But something unexpected happened. The men on the street in London were dressed exponentially better than the women. Like, by a lot. I’m talking guys in tweed and tartan pants and suits, italian leather wingback shoes and distressed but classy messenger bags. They had just the right amount of stubble on their English faces and slicked back but not greasy hair. It was literally a walking Ted Baker catalogue.

(Who doesn’t love a good pair of blue flamed pants!) –>

Now let’s talk about the ladies. I’m not sure if it’s a trend or just a European thing, but two out of every three women had at least one undergarment that was ill-fitting, awkwardly exposed or just non-existent. This just made the entire ensemble they were wearing look… meh. I’m not saying I didn’t see some funky street style looks complete with moto-booties and vintage grunge ts. I’m just saying that collectively those London ladies weren’t looking 100%.

I know that visible undergarments is a trend – bandeaus and what not – but I’m pretty sure they should still fit you properly. Maybe all of the London ladies I observed were going for that, ”I just threw this on and don’t care” kind of thing. It worked!

Again, there were some pretty cool street style looks going on here and there but I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the amount of crazy underthings seen all over the city. Maybe it was just the insanely hot weather we had while there or maybe it’s a trend? I’m hoping not.

London is obviously still a fashion capital. But fashion isn’t about where you are or where you live or where you bought your clothes. Fashion isn’t about location, it’s about you. So, when you step out onto whatever street you happen to be on that day, make it count! And make sure those undergarments fit!

4 Vibrant Trends To Get You Through The Winter Greys

It’s winter! Now, many people see this season as the time to bundle up in drab colors, puffed up outerwear, and wait til spring rolls around to do anything vibrant in the wardrobe department. Maybe it’s because I live in southern California but to that I say… no.

Here are 4 vibrant trends that will keep your wardrobe looking sunny through the winter blahs:

1. Pop Color Coat

When it’s cold out, obviously you need a coat. Why go for gloomy when that coat is the first thing people will see? You’ll be a ray of colorful sunshine wherever you go!


2. Vintage Rocker T’s

Remember that blazer we talked about getting? Try a rock and roll graphic T underneath it. Edgy, funky and hipster in all the right ways.


3. Fruit Colored Bag

Who doesn’t need a pick me up? Especially during a time when there’s less and less sunlight. Try a bright orange, yellow, or red bag!


4. Big Print Shoes

Who doesn’t love a good tribal print? Well, even if you don’t love that particular one, shoes with printed patterns are a great way to spice up a sleek and sophisticated look and be on trend at the same time!

Save That Sweater!

There must be a million moms rejoicing ever since Pinterest came along. The network is constantly overflowing with secret home remedies to better the lives of people everywhere. Like the average pinner, I have my fair share of tricks pinned on my ‘Clever’ board. One I found recently, though, will probably end up in my top 5 best kept secrets for the home.

Have an old sweater that you’ve been meaning to throw to the curb but just cannot seem to part with? It’s been plagued with those little, white fuzzies for a while and it’s almost not wearable; but grandma got it for you the Christmas before last and you love it. There is hope. All you need is a razor. Glide the thing over the sweater until every one of those white little balls is gone. It works. I’ve done it twice; both times I was extremely happy I came across that ‘pin.’

This is an excellent tip for college students or recent grads on a budget. Sweaters are expensive! And if you’re residing in the Midwest, you’re going to need a lot of them to endure the sub-zero temperatures. Fix up the old ones! They will be good as new.