Stock Your Pantry By Color Part 2

Hi gals! Here is part two of your artist’s color wheel pantry, designed for the thrifty busy bee. In all your coloring, be mindful too of the containers in which your products come…the less waste the better. Often, canned foods contain unhealthy traces of aluminum and some toxins that glass jars do not contain. Also, challenge yourself to minimize the plastic bags and buy/store in light cloth or mesh bags, or glass Tupperware. See what color speaks to you today…



– Chocolate. Need I say more.

– Vanilla can have a base of vodka, bourbon, or other hard liquors. The bean pods are grown in Madagascar, Mexico, and in other tropical places. Try collecting different vanillas from your travels to find spices that may impact the flavor. Or you can make your own at home with some fairly traded vanilla beans and a few weeks of patient infusing.

– Raisins are a natural laxative, like prunes, and add a sweet treat to granola mixes. Simmer and reduce in red wine or rum with cinnamon sticks for a holiday sauce to top ice cream and cakes.

– Nuts with a lower oil and fat content, like almonds and pecans, make great snacks raw or toasted. Walnuts, pine, macadamias, and Brazilian are rich and buttery, which make them ideal for topping salads or desserts.

– Balsamic vinegar can be used to roast brussel sprouts, soak strawberries, and make a delicious dipping sauce. It also lends strong flavor to BBQ marinades.



– Garbanzo beans are a fun snack, keep kids busy pinching off skins, and mash well for easy humus.  They also make for a simple Mediterranean snack when mixed with parsley, cucumbers, yogurt, lemon juice, and olives.

– Cannellini beans are also favored for their mashing abilities, but cherished when they hold their own in white chicken chilis.

– Coconut oil is a trending fad and yet regardless of its celebrity appeal is also extremely practical. Use in place of butter for most baked items, and use it for cooking to replace olive oil. The slight coconut taste is refreshing for popcorn and brownies alike! It also makes a fantastic base for homemade deodorant with baking soda, arrow root powder, and tea tree oil.



– White wine vinegar is essential for whisking up classy French sauces and vinaigrettes.

– Rice wine vinegar is less essential than white wine vinegar but no less desirable. Soak it with cabbage for non-fermented sauerkraut , add it to stir fries, and use in baking french fries.

– Water bottles are great for emergencies and a sign of hospitality for guests, though investing in a BPA-free reusable bottle is ideal.

– Salt has quite a gourmet history coming in pinks, blacks, and yellows from all corners of the earth. Celtic sea salt can be found in most grocery stores and is among the healthiest for you and your loved ones. Its crystal and flaky demeanor also pairs well with chocolate desserts or rosemary focaccia.

Let the colors speak on your next shopping trip.