Warby Parker & Solo Eyewear

Eyesight is of course an incredible sense that quite often is taken for granted by those with perfect vision. For those who do wear prescription glasses, stylish eyewear is crucial in maintaining one’s dignity and confidence whether at a bookstore or in a board meeting. An image of tape wrapped glasses comes to mind. However, eye care is expensive, even before splurging on a pair of designer frames. Up until recently, paying over $300 may have been your only option for a fresh new pair of eyeglasses. But now you don’t have to pay $300+ for fabulous eyewear!  Two profound eyewear designers are changing the game. Not only do they keep in mind the pocketbooks of their consumers but they keep the world in their hearts.

Warby Parker: Named after a mishmash of Jack Kerouac’s earliest characters, Warby Parker succeeds in making affordable optical and sun eyewear available in an otherwise monopolized market. Available designs for both men and women start at just $95 a pair. Shoppers also have the option of a Home Try-On where they will send you up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on over the course of 5 days for free (shipping included)! This gives you the freedom of trying on different styles with all your outfits. Warby Parker doesn’t stop there. With every pair of glasses purchased, they give a pair to someone in need. Intrigued? I highly suggest hopping over to NPR and listening to their interview with co-founder, Neil Blumenthal. The interview is incredibly empowering.

SOLO Eyewear: Initially funded through Kickstarter, SOLO Eyewear launched in 2011 and is based in our great city of San Diego. SOLO Eyewear has incredibly unique eyewear that embraces the style of its So-Cal roots. The creator of this line of hybrid bamboo sunglasses is Jenny Amaraneni, graduate of San Diego State University’s MBA program, was motivated to provide a solution for those with preventable blindness but cannot afford eye care. Eyewear starts at just $78 a pair and with each purchase, SOLO Eyewear helps restore the eyesight of two individuals with either a pair of prescription eyeglasses or funding for a portion of cataract surgery.

It’s so challenging to navigate the waters of our needs and wants, which is why I am in love with these two companies.  Both of them make purchasing eyewear a synch and you can doubly feel good about spending money on a good pair of eyewear because you didn’t break the bank AND you gave back to your fellow humans!