Clearing Out The Clutter

I’m happier when things are clean. Cleaning and getting my life and surroundings organized gives me an amazing feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. If I’m in a funk or need to jump start my productivity, cleaning will spark my desire to get anything and everything done and get me back to being myself. I’m pretty sure I inherited this quirk from my mother, and it’s something that I really began to notice about myself as I started my life and my own household with my husband. A clean house makes me happy. Weird? Maybe.

Now, I’ll be honest, when I get busy, my general organization tends to slip a little bit. Items start getting tossed haphazardly into drawers and I comfort myself with the thought that, “I’ll get everything organized over the weekend.” Well, a few too many weekends have gone by and I REALLY needed to get organized this past Saturday.

My main area of concern was under my bathroom sink. This is one of those places that starts to slip when I’m busy. I toss the hairspray under there one time, and before I know it, I can’t find a darn thing in there.

Here’s what I was dealing with:

I went to Target to grab a few organizational boxes and bobs to get my under sink area back in shape. The ones below were marked down from $10 to $5.50.

Since they are going to be hidden behind a cabinet door, I wasn’t too particular about the color. The cotton ball organizer was about $4.

The rest was pretty simple! I took everything out, wiped down all the bottles and lotions, threw out trash or items that were old, and made a pile of items to donate.

And here’s the finished product!

I woke up in a funk Saturday morning with a desperate need to organize something. This task took me about an hour (Target trip included) and got me in the mood to have a productive weekend! Here’s hoping I keep it this nice!