You’ll Never Get A Second First

We’re taught that first impressions are everlasting. We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Something that we don’t often think about is that our first impressions are not limited to just our demeanor and choice language. Subconsciously or consciously, our appearance is taken into account, too. I see this as an opportunity that we simply cannot pass up.

Let’s make it count, ladies.

Your style acts as your own personal little brand. That girl at school who is constantly seen sporting high heels, a button up, and a pair of business flares? That’s the girl who takes school super seriously. She’s also usually seen with a binder in her hand and Coach purse on her arm. By a very glance, she screams driven, initiative, and success.

This isn’t to say that the girl who rocks the flats, wedges, or even crocs isn’t driven, but crocs don’t necessarily say, success when seen in passing.

For example, what is your gut reaction when you see a guy struttin’ down the street with his pants hanging below his boxers? A woman sporting all the ‘in’ colors, rocking all the latest styles that were featured in last month’s Vogue?

The goal of going to college is to be able to make it in the real world. Working on establishing your pressed and professional look should be a part of that 4-year journey. With the millennial stereotype working against us, we need to prove we’re professional, driven, and that we take care of ourselves. Our outfit is the very first thing that can help or hinder us in making a stellar first impression. So why not start there?

Start building the look to reflect how you want to be remembered.