Jurlique Review

I’m not one to hop from beauty product to beauty product.  I jumped around in my skincare routine during my high school years, falling into believing everything the pretty packages told me.  I spent a lot of money, and my skin was not reflecting the promised results.

So I eventually stopped.  I stopped going down the skincare aisle in Target just to peruse, and I started to research a product if I needed something new.

But when Jurlique sent us some products to try, I was intrigued by the natural ingredients.  When I really liked the results, I had to write about it.  I tried the exfoliator and the purifying mist.

I tend to not like exfoliators.  They burn and just feel like they are drying out my skin when they are on my face. The usual results?  Dry skin and redness.  With Jurlique, this wasn’t the case.  It felt refreshing when on my skin, and it left my skin feeling rejuvenated.  If you are particularly sensitive to chemicals or harsh products, I’d highly recommend this one.

Now facial mists, I love!  I’ve made a couple DIY mists for summer and was excited to try this Jurlique mist that acts as a toner.  It was light and refreshing and did the job.  I use this mist on my feet, too.  After a long workout or a hot shower, nothing feels better than a spritz or two.


Thumbs up for Jurlique.

5 Beauty Splurges

Sometimes a woman needs to go beyond her means and splurge for the necessities. We don’t mean to buy a Chanel pencil over the Stila brand, but we do mean things you actually need that you don’t know you need. Get it? So here’s what we got for you, ladies:

Cashmere!  Yes — lots of cashmere. With the colder months coming up and snow just around the corner, nothing will leave you feeling toastier than a Red Twist Cashmere sweater wrap. Made from 100% of the softest and warmest pure cashmere, these sweaters come in 15 different colors and are about $175 each. You can definitely feel good about the purchase though, since a portion of all proceeds go to sending underprivileged girls to school.

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists recently launched the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator that you’re to use once a week for five minutes. This hand-held, personal-use exfoliation tool claims to sweep away dead skin cells and leave behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion. Facials can run you up to $100 each time you go. This exfoliator retails for $279.

Subscription Boxes!  Just like, “there’s an app for that” in your smartphone’s app store, “there’s a box for that” somewhere online just waiting to be ordered. By ordering a subscription to a type of box, you’ll get a monthly delivery right to your doorstep. Birchbox is a great example!  Each month, you are sent new beauty products to discover – samples, if you will. It’s really a great concept and there’s a ton of different box services you can be part of! recently started a subscription box. This “burn-free” razor company ensures people get the best razor for the best shave at the best price via their Burn-Free Guarantee.  Not bad, huh? Subscriptions for a razor handle and 4 cartridges are just $10/month.

Bling, bling!  Berricle is an online destination for shoppers looking for affordable yet elegant pieces to add to their collections. These sterling silver and cubic zirconia pieces can help you stay up to date with the latest trends without breaking the bank in a major way. Check out the site’s 3,000 designs!

Anything from Frederic Fekkai!  We’re huge fans of all-things Fekkai, but our all-time favorite is their Glossing Cream. The frizz-fighting cream works for nearly every hair type and is infused with a new “Encapsulated Shine-Release Complex” with an olive oil formula. Basically – it’s amazing. Get it. Get it now. Here. $34.

Top 4 Self Tanning Options

Everyone looks better with a tan. That’s one of the 10 Commandments, right?

To keep your skin healthy and still maintain a bronze goddess glow, try using one of these five favorite self-tanners. Skin cancer is definitely not hot, so keep out of tanning beds and always use an SPF when going into the sun.

Here are some of our favorite products:

360° Eco-Mist from Norvell is really awesome and gives you that “just off the beach” glow. When it comes to sunless tanning technology, this brand has been voted as number one by salons across the country. This mist is easy to apply and provides long-lasting results without making you look orange – or worse – streaky! Eco Mist uses a natural complex of ingredients that are eco-certified and organic. They’re also 100% vegan and gluten-free. Available at Ulta. ($16)

bareMinerals is a brand that we at BBB just love! Their Faux Tan Body gives you an all-over bronze glow that develops into a natural looking, golden tan. A mineral copper complex prolongs the tanning effects, while aloe vera provides hydration so skin feels soft and smooth. bareMinerals claims a streak-free application within hours of applying. Buy it here for $26.

Another one of our favorites is Neutrogena. The brand is well-known for their acne-fighting creams and serums, so you wouldn’t necessarily think they also make a kick-ass self-tanning spray.  Enter: MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan. This ultra-fine mist has a one-touch continuous spray that works at any angle to get those hard to reach places. No more random streaks or missed spots!  Buy it here for $11.

For those of you who are too nervous to take the plunge into self-tanning in fear of turning orange, look no further than the Bronze Buffer. It’s the only product that wipes away the faux tan color instantly if you make a mistake! This soft cushioned sponge has no added ingredients or chemicals. With just a little water, Bronze Buffer’s gentle abrasion removes unwanted self-tanner on the uppermost layers of skin. It’s recommended to use this product on trouble spots like elbows and knees, fingers and toes. You can get two sponges for $10 here.

Product Review: Eyeliners

Guys, I really love all the different types of eyeliners there are on the market. From liquid liners in black to crayon liners in sparkly green, your selection can make a huge impact on your overall look.  Here are some favorites!

Expressions by Almar is an affordable beauty and accessories brand. I love them because they give you the option to buy their product in bulk, making it super affordable when you split with a few friends. The Simply Sweet 5-pack Glitter Eyeliner Set lets you have FUN with your makeup. The package comes with blue, pink, green, silver and gold glitter liquid eyeliner that is easily applied to the top of your lid before you apply corresponding eyeshadow.

glo*minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner is one of my favorites. I glide this creamy liner along the top of my lash line. Its ultra fine-point tip creates a really fine line that I love for any daytime look. At night, I apply a bit thicker line and use the smudge brush to give my eyes that smokey, dramatic look. ($12)


NVEY ECO is available at one of our favorite retailers, Ulta. I love this Aussie brand because it’s organic and eco-friendly. Their bold High Definition Cake Eyeliner has jojoba oil, chamomile, and vitamins A, C & E as part of the ingredients. This product lets you apply the liner with a brush for ultimate precision — or use it as an eyeshadow. A 2-in-1 product? That’s what BBB ladies are all about! ($18)

One of my other favorite products is the Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil. It’s another creamy liner that glides on with ease and has a metallic base with a micro-glitter finish. Available in six different colors, these eye pencils are super versatile and unique. I absolutely love them! ($14)