4 Easy Steps For Waterproof Shoes

La Di Dum…I’m sitting at home drinking real Irish tea and listening to the rain dribble from my gutter to the concrete two stories below…and wishing I had me a quaint pair of Wellies. Alas, I have not come across the sophisticated pair that rings my heartstrings, and so in the meantime I’ve learned to waterproof canvas shoes and leather boots to keep those sweet raindrops from ruining my sassy shoes.

The process to make waterproof shoes is nearly too easy to be true…but it is true, and even better, it’s fabulously inexpensive!

The Materials:
Lundmark Wax Pure Bee’s Wax, .7-Ounce – $6.84 on Amazon
Shoes or Boots to Waterproof

The Process:
1. Clean your shoes as best as you can, and make sure the surface is dry.

2. Rub the shoes with the soap-like bar of wax in circular motions. Shoes will have a waxy film. Try to get the layer as even as possible, taking care not to “gunk” up seams and corners. A light coat is all you need, but take care to cover ALL the surface area.

3. Run the blowdryer’s heat gently and slowly over the shoes to melt the wax. Don’t stay in one place too long or your shoes will start to drip like candles.

4. Let the shoes rest until the wax hardens up, about 15 minutes depending on the weather. (Note: Best results when process is done in cooler temperatures and not on summer’s hottest day.)  Wait for the rain, and don your best bougie outfit. Be amazed as you watch as those raindrops slide sadly off your shoes and enjoy your warm, dry feet!