Budget Buys Of The Week

When it comes to finding discounts, markdowns, and sales, it’s all about timing and planning. If you know you’re going to be heading out to score some deals, try planning by having a list of two or three items that you know you need most right now. Then, depending on what is available, you’ll be able to get exactly what you actually need at the best possible price.

I’m going to start a weekly series here on the blog showing y’all the weekly sales and discounts at some of my favorite big box and chain stores. I’ll start with my favorites, but I’m always open to new things! Comment down below about stores you want me to scour for the best weekly deals.

Home Goods

If you aren’t familiar with this store, it’s basically the TJMaxx for all of your home furnishing, non-DIY needs. Even when things aren’t on final clearance here, you can score some serious deals. But, ladies, this is one of those store that requires planning before entering. There are so many cute things that if you go in to “just look” you will drop more cash than you should. Plan, plan, plan! This week it looks like HG is trying to move some bedding and towels. I found hand towels and small face cloths for under $5 as well as sheets and throws up to 70% off.

Towels and Bathroom Accessories

Sheets and Bedding

Lamps and Lighting



I’m pretty sure it’s a waste of words to talk about the glorious treasure trove that is Target. This store provides the perfect example of timing when it comes to bargain hunting. There inventory gets rotated faster than Lady Gaga’s hair color. Here’s what I found this week:

Bags and Wallets

Not a huge sale, but Covergirl products are on a bit of a markdown. I really like their powders for acne prone skin.

Several beauty products including my absolute favorite lipsticks, the Revlon Lip Butters, are also on a bit of a markdown.


Nordstrom Rack

To be honest, Nordstrom Rack isn’t my favorite discount store. They do have some pretty amazing brands at a discount but, when you’re discounting items that are well into three digits to begin with, you’re still spending a lot of money compared to a TJMaxx or a Ross. But I do love perusing the Nordstrom Rack shoe clearance section. In the past I’ve found some pretty rockin’ kicks for myself as well as for my husband.

The Clearance Section Hoax

This post was inspired by an email I received on my lunch hour from ModCloth.

70% select styles! Shop NOW

Don’t mind if I do, ModCloth. With a quick click, I was looking at pages and pages full of items that I could now afford. I came across a sequin skirt that I had to have. It was filled with light blues, whites, and ivorys I thought it was the perfect length and perfect transition piece from winter to spring. I added it to my virtual shopping bag and continued to peruse the sales. At the credit card entry prior to checking out, I glanced at my cart and thought long and hard about that studded gem of a skirt.

What am I really going to wear with this? I have nothing. And not like the ‘I have nothing to wear today’, nothing, but truly, nothing.

So, I removed it, but not without feeling like I needed the comfort of a T-Swift breakup song. I don’t know how many times I’ve purchased something from the ultra-clearance racks that in retrospect made no sense. I’ll find something to wear it with or I thought it was just too cute
to pass up. What? If you’re not going to wear it, don’t buy it. For as much time as we spend standing in the aisle justifying that soon-to-be impulse buy, we could be shopping the racks for a serious piece we would actually utilize. Rule of thumb? if you’re not in love and you’re doubting, say goodbye and save your wallet some heartache.

Sometimes we think [I know at least I do] if there’s a sale we’re somehow saving money, even if we’re buying something we don’t need. In reality, we’re not saving a penny. We’re better off investing more money into a staple piece than succumbing to that 75% sign.

As much as I wanted that skirt, I hate to admit that it would have gotten more use in a frame hanging on a wall in my apartment than it would have hanging in my closet.

Shop smart, even when the glowing, flashing, beaming, clearance sign is telling you otherwise.

Black Friday

All right, America. I think we have reached a new low. This year Black Friday deals started at 8pm… Thanksgiving day! Last year, the door busters started at 10pm. Does anyone see a problem with this or a growing trend that is only bound to get worse?

Let’s break this down. 8 pm on Thanksgiving evening. Families are at the height of their food comas, barely sipping down their evening coffee. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters had to face leaving their families earlier than ever to ensure the couponing queens of getting their anticipated deals.

This bugs me. And it should.

Our Christmas crazed society needs to calm down. Seriously and really – sit down, breathe, take a moment to realize what actually matters during the months of November through January (and all year) and calm down.

Stories cycled around the Internet and in the news 72 hours prior to Black Friday spotlighting the die-hard shoppers who were camped out in front of Best Buys throughout the country. They set up tents, PS3s, TVs, and anything else that would entertain them until doors opened Thanksgiving evening.


Your discounted Samsung Galaxy S III won’t fulfill as you as much as you might think it will. The silky robe you’ve been eyeing for months will be there tomorrow. Put away the Target ads and grab a piece of pumpkin pie.

As we enter and exit college, we millennials have a responsibility. The millennials who are going to become wives and mothers, husbands and fathers, must set a good example for their spouses and children more than ever during these holiday seasons.

People die on Black Friday. People are trampled. Employees are yelled at. And this year was no exception. A YouTube video surfaced from Black Friday morning at a Kansas Victoria Secret showing hundreds of people crowded around the storefront prior to opening. People were nudging and trying to bypass the security guards. All to get some ‘Pink’ sweats. The employee was tearing up threatening to not open the store because ‘it was scary.’

No gift is worth that. Something worth everything is spending the evening with the people who woke up at the crack of dawn in preparation for the meal you just devoured. And admit it, it was the most tender bird you have ever eaten. Offer to take clean-up duty, get your parents dessert, and don’t forget hugs and thank you’s.

Those little things, the little acts of kindness, will make whomever you were going to give that Samsung Galaxy S III much, much happier.

As an inspirational quote found on Pinterest once said…

“Never get tired of doing little things for others; sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.”