Squeezing Into Skinnies

A couple weeks ago,  I talked about a “big girl purchase” I made – brown leather boots. Well people, I was at it again this past week.

Have you ever done that thing where you walk into an expensive store (you can’t afford a darn thing it), and proceed to try everything on? You’ll never actually buy anything, but it sure is fun to play dress up for a few minutes.

Well, that was my plan as I entered Guess on Thursday night. (The “Marie Claire Must Have” signs suckered me in.) Walking around the store, I started thinking about the jeans I currently own. Half of them I bought from Buffalo Exchange, a store that sells gently used clothing. On my last trip there, I scored a pair of Hudson jeans for $25. The other half of my jeans collection was purchased for under $50 a pair.

So, walking around Guess (where most of their inventory sells for $100 – $150), I felt like I was betraying my thrift store stomping sisters. I walked back to the sale section and started looking through their jeans. An incredibly friendly sales person walked up to me, and, with a smile, blurted, “Hi! Looking for jeans? You look like a 24. Can I start you a fitting room and grab a couple options for you?”

Well, hello there! Certainly! A personal jean stylist! Where have you been all my life?! She was good. I walked into the fitting room with a few options. The first pair I tried on retailed for $140. Putting them on, I knew I wasn’t going to buy them, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Guys, I’m short. Finding jeans that fit correctly has never been particularly easy. Between my dwarf-ish legs and my non-tiny-person booty, let’s just say it’s been a struggle. But listen, I put on a pair of $100 dollar jeans I understood why people drop some serious change for swanky denim. They fit like woah!

They were skinny jeans that didn’t require jumping, hiking up, or shimmying into them. Oh happy day! I was hooked but had to crunch some numbers first. Most people would probably say that $100 for jeans isn’t that much. But, as you all know, I’m not just bougie. I’m broke.

A fitted pair of dark wash jeans is a versatile staple every woman should have in her closet. I decided that the pair I was currently modeling in the Guess dressing room was about to be mine. Yes, I’ve never spent more than $50 on jeans. But if I want to have a closet that says “professional and confident,” I’m going to have to drop a few extra dollars to look the part.

I’ll let you know how these hold up! If it’s worth it, you’ll be the first to know.