Why Twitter Should Be Your BFF

Oh, Twitter. Where do we begin? Twitter is looked upon in many different ways. Fifty- year-olds see it as just another tool for the millennials to inform the world of their nonsense. Millennials see it as a valuable tool to staying connected with… everybody in existence from Lady Gaga to Danny DeVito. Despite the various opinions, Twitter can be a beyond useful tool for college students and recent graduates. Part of the reason Twitter is full of so much clutter is because people don’t think about how they are going to use the outlet prior to setting up an account. So we end up with a million and one people informing us they are watching Dancing with the Stars with their cats.

In college, I had a career class where we discussed how each of us want to brand ourselves; how do we want the world to see us? What do we want the world to see of us? In our text, Getting From College to Career we learned Twitter is the perfect tool to accomplish branding ourselves successfully and effectively. Since I was focusing on marketing, I researched the thought leaders in the marketing industry, marketing magazines, businesses that market brilliantly, etc and started to rack up my list of people to ‘follow.’ This helped me to eventually connect with people in the industry and ask for advice from professionals.

This doesn’t mean you can’t follow Khloe Kardashian and tweet about your favorite kale smoothie recipe. However, it should recognized that Twitter is yet another tool that we can use to our advantage if we simply take the time to think about doing so. If you are a screenwriter, creative writer, an up-and-coming culinary genius, interior designer or whatever your desired career path is, find the people you would like to most emulate. Follow their tweets, observe what they are talking about, take note of trends, and join the conversation!

It is no secret these days employers use all these social media outlets to their advantage. When countless resumes end up their desks, they look elsewhere besides profiles on paper. They go to Facebook, Google, etc. We have heard plenty of stories where people have lost opportunities due to what they chose to post on social networks. Instead of making a habit out of posting pictures from the latest frat party, display yourself as a reputable, credible, and respectable college student who is worth an employer’s time.

If you currently do not have Twitter account, I highly suggest getting one! Aside from having the potential to effectively brand yourself, many companies – especially newer companies – post job listings and have exclusive contests and deals for the people who are following them on Twitter.

There are downsides to being so ‘connected’ all the time and being updated on news in a ‘timely’ manner, but with some discretion and a little time-management, we can keep ourselves from getting entirely consumed by the ‘tweetosphere.’

Happy hunting and happy tweeting.