Summer Blues

By the look of this outfit, one could deduce that I’m a fan of blue. Well done! Blue happens to be my favorite color and I tend to wear it all year. I do try to change up the shades to give myself a fresh seasonal look when possible.

I found these crop colored jeans in the Target clearance section for $20. They look great with flats or simple tan sandals. I’ve worn them everywhere from church to the grocery store.

Here’s a link to get them online for $25

I went into TJMaxx last week on the hunt for shoes to wear to a wedding. I found THESE!

I looked at them on the rack and thought they’d be hella painful. I’m a flats girl all the way, but this was for a friend’s wedding so I knew I needed to step it up. You guys, these are MAD comfortable! They are my new go-to summer footwear. I’m planning on sporting them at a baby shower this weekend.


They are normally $70 and from Spain but I scored them at my local TJMaxx for $35.

Speaking of boobs, I have a love hate relationship with the bandeau. They look absolutely adorable on ladies with tiny na nas who can wear high waisted shorts and see through tanks from Forever21 and the like. I’m not sure if it’s how I’m shaped or I’m just not wearing it right but every bandeau I’ve tried has done nothing for me. It just sort of squishes things in all the wrong ways and falls down at all the wrong times. With that being said, Nordstrom Rack lured me in with bright colored lace bandeaus for $5.


I got one. And I have to say, this one is pretty good! It’s got a bit of padding so things stay… perky. It’s the perfect undergarment for this sheer blouse I got at a Guess Outlet on my honeymoon two years ago. I don’t think I’ll make it all the way to highwaisted shorts and skimpy tank tops but this bandeau might make a couple appearances this summer.

Also, my face is small but I’m a freak for giant sunglasses. These are Steve Maddens. Normally $40 but thanks to TJMaxx, I paid $9.99.