Good Finds At Goodwill

A couple Saturdays ago my husband needed to take a trip to the AT&T store to resolve some iPhone issues.  Phone stores bum me out, so I took this as the prime opportunity to shop the strip mall AT&T was located in. I had been looking for a few things over the past months, so I thought I’d take a trip to Goodwill – maybe it would be one of those days, and I’d hit the jackpot.

Let’s just say, I scored.

I didn’t allow myself to go crazy – 20 bucks was my limit.

This is what I found:

Let’s reflect on just how long I’ve been looking for a good and sturdy black tote.  I’ve looked high and low for a bag like this.  Clearance racks and online shopping were not delivering, so I forced myself to wait until I found exactly what I was looking for.  I got this little lady for $7.99.  Hello?  Score.  Black bags that resemble this one can go for some big bucks – big bucks I do not have.  Both the inside/outside were in excellent condition; I barely paused before I grabbed it and deemed it mine.

An oversized sweater for $3.99 – doesn’t need much explanation.  Who doesn’t love a good chunky sweater with some chunky jewelry?  Hello, good looking.  You’ll get along great with my other chunky sweaters.

All right.  This piece, I feel requires some explanation.  It’s quite…loud.  Now if you know me or my style, you know I’ve always had a real love for unique pieces.  I saw this piece and thought, “You’ve got potential.”  Those sequins though…they’ve gotta go.  $7.99?  Why not.

[Disclaimer: The whole shirt was covered in sequins.  I forgot take a picture of the before – I was kinda blinded by the light…]

*Pictures to follow on how that turned out.


Bold vase.  Great find.  My husband and I are are still getting settled in our apartment, and one of the best things I’ve found to do during this process is to have fresh flowers in our home.  Our vase collection though was…pretty bare if you will, so I picked this sucker up.  It’s been doing a great job of showcasing all my autumn floral arrangements.

Just a side note – after seeing the vase collection at Goodwill, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a vase from anywhere else again – on principle.  Have you seen that collection?  The racks are overflowing with vases begging to be purchased – for pennies.

A successful trip.  My husband’s trip to the phone store?  Not so much.  But that’s a tale for another time.

Not sure where your Goodwill is? Try this link to find a store near you!