What You Should Try This Month: April

The latest bougie finds that you should try!


OneRepublic – Native


Front man of OneRepublic Ryan Tedder is mad gifted. He’s written and/or produced songs for the likes of Adele, Leona Lewis, and Maroon 5. He’s like the godfather of today’s pop music mega stars.

I have to say that I’m basically obsessed with the song “Can’t Stop” on this album – like on repeat ten times in a row kind of obsessed. Because Tedder has produced and written for the gamut of pop stars today, his own band and songs incorporate elements from various music sensibilities.  “If I Lose Myself Again” and “I Lived” have that similar piano-driven alt-rock to that of Coldplay. Other songs have a funky, synthetic element to them that is reminiscent of Maroon 5.

I enjoy every song on this album. But I’m listening to “Can’t Stop” right now. There’s something haunting and sexy about a dude belting out “I can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout us” in falsetto.

Hair Product

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – $19.50


I’ve been using Pssssst Dry Shampoo for years now. It’s cheap, and it definitely gets the job done. But this past month I discovered Oribe’s dry texturizing spray, which is a great alternative to traditional dry shampoos. You can use as much or as little as you want – basically you spray it wherever you want to get rid of oil and give your locks a lift.

I’m hooked. It is a little on the expensive side, so I don’t use it everyday. Thankfully I have thin hair, so a little bit of the spray goes a long way.

For Others

The Giving Keys  


I discovered these at a boutique in downtown San Diego last week, and I’m in love with the concept and the company. Each key has a different word at the top. When you get one of these unique keys, you have to give it away at some point to a person you feel needs the word on there. Then you go on their site or Facebook page and tell them the story of whom you gave it to and why you gave it to them.

The Giving Keys company employs those who are looking to transition out of homelessness in order to get them off the streets and have a chance at a better life.




It’s exactly what is sounds like! Half popped popcorn. It’s gluten and nut free and absolutely yummy. When three o’clock rolls around at work, I need a snack, and this last week I’ve been grubbing on these delicious little air popped kernels. They are sort of a cross between actual popcorn and corn nuts. They aren’t available at stores nationwide yet, but you can order some online.

Trend To Try: Lace

From nudes to bright hues, lace can be classed up for day or sassed down for night. A lace dress is a trend to try! But be careful with your styling! Lace can look pretty cheap and even risque if paired with the wrong shoes or accessories.

1. Go for bright colored lace to keep it fresh, vibrant, and youthful.

2. Try a metallic or nude shoe for a dash of sophistication.

3. Try loosely styled hair for an effortless and easy going feeling – Soft waves or a loose ponytail.


Try the trend! Let me know how you style it.




Peppermint Dress ($47) / Orange Dress ($20) / Blue Dress  ($45)

Glittery Pump ($40) / Metallic Toe Flat ($48) / Wedge ($50)

4 2012 Trends I Was Afraid To Try

I love trendy clothes, guys. But I will be the first one to admit that it can be a little scary to try a new trend that might be a little outside your comfort zone. People might think you’re a freak show if you don’t pull it off with the effortless air of a true fashionista, right? Well, that’s how I feel anyway. I usually end up trying half the trendy things I’d like to. Below is the list of recent trends that I was too afraid to try.






1. Top Knots

Okay, listen. I have a large forehead. It’s a big deal. My Mother’s first words to me were, “Honey, we are going to be heavily into bonnets.” I’ve sort of grown into it since then, but I’ve always been self concious about it. My hairstyle for the rest of my life WILL include bangs. My woes about showing off my 500 yard forehead have caused me to forever fear updos – top knots included. They seem so easy and sophisticated, though!


2. Headscarves

Now, I like rocking a good headband. One of my favorite go-tos on a bad hair day. I’ll even do a head scarf at home whilst cleaning. doing laundry, etc. But I have yet to work up the courage to wear a headscarf, as pictured below, out and about, to shoot or the like.


3. Big Graphic Sweaters

These are another one of my “stay in the house” trends. Maybe I feel like it’s too big for my body or it’s eating me alive or something. But then I see a sassy lady on the street sporting one of these awesome sweaters and a top-knot and I’m like, she looks so trendy!


4. Baroque

You don’t have to be a a royal anymore to rock opulent brocades or tapestry prints. You do have to be confident and pair it with the right staple pieces. I haven’t quite cracked this one for my own personal style yet but this is one I definitely want to add to my closet.

Who knows, maybe 2013 will be trend trying year!

Have you been able to rock these trends? Any tips for those who are a little timid trying something out of their comfort zone?