What I’ve Got Wednesday – $30 And A Farmers Market

Happy Wednesday, y’all! For this week’s What I’ve Got Wednesday, we wanted to make something delicious! We went to the Pacific Beach farmers market in San Diego on the hunt for ingredients to make veggie tacos and guacamole. Not only did we come in way under budget but the tacos were uh-mazing! Check it out:

[youtube id=”F4WrJR6k” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Discover These Movies: 2010

Attention: the following films have been watched and reviewed for your future enjoyment.

  • 127 hours – This is perhaps the best performance ever given by James Franco in his film career. Portraying real-life hero Aron Ralston, a cocky mountain climber seeking adventure in the isolated Utah, Franco encourages the audience to examine their own lives at the agonizing point of death and the lingering fear of “what if?” The determination and self-discipline is equally profound in this exhausting story of survival. Courage is facing fear, not evading it.

  • Made in Dagenham – Set at a Ford factory in the later 1960s, this spirited account of an historical British strike to fight female discrimination is well worth your time. What begins as a local attempt to vamp up wages soon turns into a national endeavor to equalize women’s rights in the workplace.

  • Oranges and Sunshine –  The truth will set them all free. Placed in the heart of Nittingham, UK during the 1980s this strong but charming tale depicts a woman’s courageous determination to bare truth. While conducting routine research for her job, social worker Margaret Humphreys uncovers evidence of British government- organized deportation of children to Australia. As the reuniting of these children to their families takes supreme importance, Margaret’s own family suffers in her absence. Be sure to watch until the end credits when the date of the nation’s apology is revealed and proves as appalling as the story itself.

  • Rabbit Hole – Based on the play by David Lindsay-Abaire, this film tells the story of a seemingly perfect couple who is using all marital strength to cope with the loss of their only son. Using therapy, confrontation, and each other’s grief in an attempt to make a healthy recovery, their differing views of moving forward cause split tensions and rash decisions. Becca (Nicole Kidman) sterilizes her life and reaches out to the teenage driver who killed her boy, while husband Howie (Aaron Ekhart) immerses himself in past videos and pictures. Their choices test more than a marriage; they test a fate.

  • True GritFilm veteran Jeff Bridges plays a hardened US marshal in the story of a young woman’s driven revenge of her father’s death. Fourteen-year-old feisty farm girl Mattie hires the marshal and insists on accompanying him in the bounty search for murderer Chaney. Also joining their group is Texas Ranger LaBoeuf who seeks Chaney for a personal debt. While the three members of this unlikely party grapple with the bounds of pride, their true gumption is tested by compassion and sacrifice.

The Importance Of Impromptu Dance Parties

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy (one of my many guilty, yet not so guilty pleasures) you know of Christina and Meredith’s tendency to grab a bottle of liquor and shake out their problems after a miserable day full of McDreamy drama at Seattle Grace. (Well, now Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.)

When I witnessed Christina and Meredith’s first dance party, I was super excited, as if my own ritual with my bff was just validated in some way. Impromptu dance parties have kind of been a thing since we were obnoxious, angsty teens.

One might ask, do you have to know how to dance? Obviously not. I’m pretty confident in saying I look like your old, slightly weird, mostly uncoordinated Uncle Gerald when I dance. “Talent” is forgotten when you enter the sacred dance party zone. Scouts honor.

Sometimes, you just need to dance – in your kitchen, in your workout shorts away from the bills, away from your professors, and away from your classmate who is not pulling her weight in your group project due next week. They de­stress you, you get a good workout, and they will brighten your day every time, without fail.

Go. Right now. Find your nearest friend [or stranger, whatever] and bust a move.

Don’t Worry, There Are No Safe Jobs

We all crave some level of stability. Just ask any woman who’s been “casually dating” a “free spirit” kinda guy for more than two weeks and she’ll be the first to tell you she wants stable, reliable, and predictable. We all get to a point in our lives where we don’t have the desire to live out of a backpack anymore. We want to settle down, put down some roots, maybe have a few kids, and travel occasionally. 

In school we were told that if we went to college and didn’t goof off too much, we would get a job after graduation. We’d be college educated so that would obviously translate into gainful employment and our parents definition of “success”. We were learning toward stability.

This didn’t happen.

Despite the fact that 160,000 jobs were added to the market in February, the unemployment rate for millennials (18-29 year olds) is around 13%. For those 20-somethings that do have a job, a 2009 Yale University study showed students who graduate into a recession can expect to earn a 10 percent lower wage after a decade of work than they otherwise would have earned in a strong economy. 

The idea that if you’re one of the “lucky” twenty-somethings to get a job when you graduate, you’ll be set, simply isn’t the case anymore. It used to be that you’d enter a large company at the bottom of the totem pole and work for a couple decades toward middle management. You’d remain at that company – stably employed until retirement and Florida called your name.

But in todays market, as long as someone is paying you to do something, they may one day decide that they no longer need you. Or that they can find someone else to do your job faster or cheaper.

So, if we can all agree that there really is no such thing as job security today, why would we kill ourselves to get a job where we have no control over our position? A job here we are filling the shoes of some other guy who couldn’t do it as cheap as we can all in the name of “job security”.

Now, if you’ve been unemployed for more than six months, it’s time to get up and just make something happen. But in a time where there is no such thing as job security, there’s nothing stopping us from starting something truly amazing. Something that betters and highlights our own skills and creates value for the world around us. Be the person that creates jobs for others. Be the person that thought to do things differently. Be the linchpin that just makes it work.

Of course, starting your own company, organization, or being part of a start-up has a whole host of other risks involved but “job security” shouldn’t be one of them if you’re willing to work hard and not quit until you’ve created something truly awesome.